Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taliban getting new recruits

I have been on record saying that the war on terror is a front. Sure, extremism is something that does threaten the 99% of us that want to live in peace, but your chances of being killed by a terrorist are about as you being crushed under a vending machine. Although, technically, you stand a 200% more of a chance of a vending machine attack then dying in a terrorist attack.

It is a front for a fledgling empire in its death throes to dominate a vital region for energy and global dominance in the coming future. This isn’t just an educated guess. Richard Cheney was on record saying this before he became VP and was CEO at Haliburton. It was Dick who said in 1999:
“the Middle East with two thirds of the world’s oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies, even though companies are anxious for greater access there, progress continues to be slow”
So we picked up progress. Even thou we are facing a decay infrastructure and crumbling and exploding entitlement programs that are facing insolvency. But then again, perpetual war and debt are probably our leading service export, so in some ways we did what we were good at. The reality is our priorities are so twisted and we are so much in debt we have a hard time seeing the difference between in and whats out. Illegal aliens kill soo many more American each year then terrorists yet we do nothing about our borders while spending a fortune defending the borders across the globe. Its nation where heart disease kills half a million, yet our programs to defend from this killer dwarfs in comparison to the “War on Terror”. Coincidence? I think not.

In fact CIA Director Leon Panetta, said recently that he thought we were facing about 75-100 Al Qaeda members. No shit. A nine year war costing over a trillion dollars and counting (and im being generous) not to mention countless deaths of our own boys and girls to fight what would be best described as a mid level street gang… in Omaha. The Mission to take out the Taliban in Afghanistan was a relatively short one. We met the objective and could have been out of there, but we went looking for boogie men. We started the nation building. And here we are, still fighting and creating enemies. We are still bogged down with ridiculous rules of engagements and strategies that look to be coming from a 14 year old kid with a mic playing call of duty and sipping mountain dew in his mother’s basement. The opium production there has went through the roof etc etc etc... etc....etc.

And then we get this. Jihad Monkey!

The first paragraph reads, and I kid you not:

"Taliban terrorists have a secret weapon to destroy the infidel American enemy — monkey marksmen. According to The People’s Daily in China, the Taliban in Afghanistan is “training monkeys to use weapons to attack American troops"
I rest my case.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Slave Master...

After the "decision" last Thursday, i was working on a funny piece exposing Jesse Jackson for the fraud and sensationalist that he is after his diarrhea laced drivel two days following cable TV's blockbuster, most watched program on July 8th. I had it all planned out. It was the same Jackson that attributed the Duke Lacrosse scandal as part of a history of white-men exploiting female black slaves from Africa. Or the good Revs own words:
"That fantasy's as old as slave masters impregnating young slave girls"

This was the same 'Rev who compared Mike Vick to Jackie Robinson. The same man that was so quick to condemn the "wealthy white athletes – many from prep schools – of Duke" whom were conducting a code of silence. The same man that came to the defense of the "victim" by presenting her a single mother of two, just trying to make ends meet and go to college (at a mostly black college according to Jackson... thanks for pointing that our reverend). Even thou it was "the first time she had been hired to dance for a party" the good "Reverend" decided he and his Rainbow coalition would pay for her college so that she would have to lower herself to strip anymore.

This was the same woman who has led a life full of criminal behavior long before the Duke case proved her a liar. In fact this was the same "victim" that was recently charged with:

attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, communicating threats, three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, injury to personal property, identity theft and resisting a public officer

Like i said, i had it all wrapped up. Hell i was even going to get into Jacksons forays into Africa over the last twenty years, allegations that he supported the overthrowing of democracy in favor of thugs and tyranny. But i came across this article.This article says it all. Great work Greg Doyel.

Friday, July 9, 2010

NASA - the PR machine

This week, NASA unveiled a new strategy…public relations. That’s right; our brightest minds in not just aerospace but some of the sharpest in the country are now set to tackle the task of: re-inspiring children, expanding our international relationships and last but not least…reaching out to the Muslim world.

That’s right, the same commander in chief who defunded the constellation project to get us back to the moon by 2020 (you know its only been 38 years since our last visit) and start making progress again in what would have to be called a very disappointingly flat program in terms of growth and scientific advances. The same commander in chief that PolitiFact researcher Louis Jacobson said “dramatically broke with recent space policy -- and in so doing, he broke one of his campaign promises". But what do you expect, from a President who wants private enterprise to be more involved with NASA while the government overtakes healthcare, essentially flopping roles… now wants NASA to engage in “winning the hearts and minds”.

Is NASA equipped to engage in these PR missions? Im not sure, but the smart money is leave the space stuff to the space guys and the PR stuff to the PR guys. But hey, when you have a government running actual businesses and firing CEO’s or reaching out to a population with an open scientific hand that is generally controlled by theocracy’s stuck in the dark ages whom reject science or humanity…does anything really make sense anymore? Can we really look at these Muslim nations and praise their work in mathematics and contributions to science when they haven’t made any since the industrial revolution? What’s next off to Italy and praise them for the Roman accomplishments? Why not reach out to Spain and thank them for their work in the naval game?

This is a population that doesn’t educate half their population because of gender. It’s a population where same sex relationships are illegal. Populations where pornography and women not being dressed from head to toe are all punishable by law. It’s a population that through its leaders and religious gurus have kept a good chunk of their civilizations in the dark ages. Its obvious President Obama wants to engage this population in other ways besides the gun, although he doesn’t mind that route either. But is this really possible? Can you reach out with logic to a person of faith and convince them that logic and reason are beneficial?

The Enlightenment gave us our revolution and our liberty and that spurned our technology and our way of life. Through this we evolved socially as well. What Obama wants is what we all want… moderate Muslim nations that will start to evolve into democratically elected nations. But, it’s not likely to happen if the leaders of these nations have their say. Enlightenment for them would mean the end of their power. So, one asks to ask himself is it better to knock on doors and “hope” or is it more productive to clean your house, and lead by example? America needs to get back to being the shining beacon of hope but not by wishing upon a star… but instead by reaching for them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The latest Republican disaster: Affirmative action

See President Obama? Hes black. Well, half anyway. In '08, Mr Obama got 97% of the black vote. An otherwise unheard of number in terms of voting. So what did Republicans think the best route to undertake to combat this? Put minority's in the spotlight. They had Bobby Jindal, the son of two immigrants from India give the ever so important official Republican response to President Obamas first ever address to Congress. He tanked. And who could forget the hiring of Michael Steele to be the Republican Party national chairman, again, kind of a big deal.

Michael Steele is supposed to be a Republican, the party who was supposed to be a party that celebrated individualism not collectivism. But Michael Steele supports collectivism.
I support the current system and improvements to the current system, keeping in mind that while we have done very well in affirmative action at our universities across this country, I look at our boardrooms across the country, I look at NBC, CNBC, Fox, all these stations, all the corporate, corporate companies-and I don't see affirmative action necessarily being practiced there when I look at the management, when I look at the leadership, when I look at those who have a decision-making role.
Source: 2006 Maryland Senate debate on Meet the Press Oct 29, 2006

What is Affirmative action? Collectivism.

Why was he hired? To appeal to black voters, to seem more "diverse" instead of standing by a message and the principals of liberty and limited government.

Why cant they fire an obviously embattled Steele? Because hes black.

Why wouldn't they just stand on the foundation of the Republican principals of liberty and limited government? Because they dont value those principals.

and the cycle continues....