Friday, February 17, 2017

Why Islam and The West can not coexist

National Review ran a story on Wednesday, February, 15 regarding a professor from Georgetown University named Jonathan Brown, who gave a speech defending slavery in Islam. In his speech is was said by multiple accounts (Andrew Harrod who wrote about this 1 week ago and does fantastic work on Islam & Jihad) that he spent much time condemning Western Civilization slavery while exonerating slavery in the middle east where Islam is ramped. All this despite the fact that The West abolished slavery some 170+ years ago. Allow me to take this a bit further because as we all know the National Review does not have the guts to speak the entire truth.

In practice, Islam is a disease.

If you're a person of Islamic faith that doesn't make you a disease. It just makes your religious text you worship one. Now if you can't separate the two then well, the shoe fits.

The West was built upon Judeo-Christian values. I am not a Jew so I won't pretend to know Judaism. I will say however the New Testament was clearly a collection of books and accounts for the individual's relationship with his God. Not the church. The individual. That individual mindset and the ability to separate the two gave us the fertile ground for a Constitution & Bill of Rights. It gave us the power and confidence to have a Separation of Church and State and Freedom of Religion. Because the story of Christ wins on ideas.

Islam, on the other hand, is the religion built upon the words of an illiterate warlord who took wives as young as 6 years old. The very same book that is interwoven with almost 500 passages of rule of law and judiciary revelations. Following the Koran thus creates a problem if you live in the West. Like Prof Jonathan Brown (who supports Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel), It forces you to have to explain things like slavery and stoning a woman for walking at night alone and being raped; to a college kid in the US in 2017. But apparently, it's not that hard to do after all. Brown (who is white and was an evangelical) himself was converted at the very same university in 2010 by his Islamic studies professor. Consider the words of this Professor from Georgetown:

What’s the difference between someone who is captured in a raid in the steppes of Central Asia brought to Istanbul’s slave market, sold to an owner, who, by the way, might treat her badly, might treat her incredibly well. She’s going to bear him children. She’s going to be a free woman. She’s going to be the mother of his children. If he’s high status, she’s going to be high status. If he dies she might be a very desirable wife. That person’s situation? What’s the difference between that and some woman who’s a poor baker’s daughter who gets married to some baker’s son without any choice because no one expects her to have any choice? And that baker’s son might treat her well. He might treat her horribly.

When Jesus said to his fellow Jews: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is Gods” it put Jesus and the story of Jesus above anything man made. It did not attempt to set legislation or laws because those things are insignificant to Jesus. The Koran and its Sharia is about conquest and about rule of law mixed in with spirituality. This creates an impossible roadblock for the West at our most fundamental levels.

Jihadists sometimes refer to a group of “secular Muslims” and those are Muslims I support. If you're willing to stand up and denounce the Korans role in governmental affairs and laws much like a Christian can do here then I applaud you. But if not; do not call yourself a moderate. There is no moderate Muslim. Show me a moderate Muslim and will show you either an ignorant fool or a liar (Al-taqiyya).

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The New (punk) Right

Oi! Oi! Oi!

How's it feel to be a Punk? Never in a million years would I ever considered that question as an adult but here we are. Strange, strange days. I grew up listening to classic punk but more than that I was into Hardcore NY City “punk”. Bands like: Judge, Sick of it all, Reagan Youth, Youth of Today... these bands were very political and very much liberal.

I grew up and realized eh, some of the music I loved simply doesn't agree with my political persuasion (Rage Against the Machine fits this mold). Doesn't mean I don't like the music anymore. Doesn't mean I don't still listen to this music. It just means I’m a logical adult. I can respect different ideas and opinions without losing my mind, getting caught up in my feelings, unlike:


It was the Reagan Youth who made a living off trolling Ronald Reagan. He was the establishment then. He represented an archetype of stuffy/wealthy success and a generation out of touch with the young punk culture of the day. It made sense. It sold a lot of records too.  

Now we have seen the script flipped completely. My friends, we are no longer the party of stuffy/wealthy success. All those average white rural voters clinging to your guns and factories jobs and Bibles… that's us. Used to be Democrats. Used to be Union Democrats. Not no more.

All these white millennial males sick of being told to check their privilege. Tired of being told they were the beneficiaries and somehow responsible for someone else's struggle. Them too

Women not willing to ride that third wave of feminism as they know what we know & how that ride ends: face up washed up ragged and weathered on the shore, too old to bear children and too bitter to admit they were wrong. Women sick of being told their right to life isn't “woman” enough for them and their marches. That somehow they are lesser because they don't want to murder and self-mutilate themselves. They represent us as well.

Black women and men sick of being called derogatory names for refusing to live or support the Democratic welfare plantation. Being disrespected for thinking for themselves. People who want to work hard and raise their children without a preexisting excuse for failure. People who refuse to support a nefarious genocide that is Planned Parenthood. Or make excuses for the savagery that has become the inner city. Got 'eeem

Thirty years ago in the age of punk, It was the right that used to try and shut down concerts. It was the right that wanted the explicit warnings on records (with the lead assist from Tipper Gore of course). The right used to blow up abortion clinics. The right was who started the war on drugs. The right was the authoritarian shadow over culture; so rebelling was easy. But the Right took a Libertarian red-pill over the last few years... and now, that's all been erased & reversed. We are the new punk rock

"A minority dictating what's good for the majority"

Now it's the left and their SJW’s and AntiFas who are not only protesting free speech but rioting when they don't get their way. It's the left forcing opposing views to be silenced. It's the left who wants to force you to use certain pronouns because they want you to accept their transgender movement for something other than what it is (mental illness). There is now legislation passed in Canada and NYC for offenders who do not properly address the victim's gender, heaven forbids we would be “misgendering” them.

This is the new-left. The Neoliberalists. The Nihilists. This is the face of fascism & this is what fascists do. I just wish they didn't hide under those masks so much.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Has there ever been a better time to be a Conservative?

Being four years shy of forty, I never experienced the Reagan Revolution. I have only read about the particulars. I understand the financial stagflation that preceded the Gipper's emergence. I know about Paul Volcker's interest rate policies that helped fuel the record-breaking growth in the 80’s. The tax breaks and even the tax hikes. You can read all you want, hear second-hand accounts from respected and loved ones, year after year but to truly live it, to really feel the atmosphere… to taste the zeitgeist; it has to be indescribable or I'm just not qualified enough to suggest otherwise. But I am qualified. So, let me ask this mostly rhetorical question but still honest enough to punctuate it with a question mark… has there ever been a better time to be a Conservative?

I don't have to recap all the #Winning. You know the score. Even yesterday's Super Bowl was politicized. Props to Lady Gaga for not adding to it. Just like Trump, the Patriots won because they had the better ideas. They had the better coaching staff. Atlanta became complacent and made no adjustments before the momentum was too much. Even to a Steeler fan in Western Pennsylvania writing this, yesterday felt like the November 8th. But this analogy isn't the purpose of my point here.

The purpose of my point isnt about all the winning President Trump promised either. It's about the Zeitgeist of our present day. Where in 2017, in present day America you can be beaten for wearing a Trump hat. A political slogan and color can actually do this. Even the Swastika doesn't generate that resistance from the left (imagine that). Where embracing the rule of law over collectivists of racial rantings that are not backed by facts or logic. Police are not the Black man's problem. The Black man's problem is the Black man. Where feminism embraces Islam ... over the West? Where feminists now claim to be Muslims. HAHAHA. LOLZ.

This is a time where free speech is actually under siege by ironically enough, the same people who are said to be opposed to it. Those people who call themselves “AntiFas” or Anti-Fascists as they are called.Fascist demanding people to abandon their 1st amendment rights? That irony is about as good as it gets. And when these protests eventually fall flat on their face like they always do so begins the violence. I mean how DARE you someone of opposite opinion exercise your right to free speech at my public university. Mind you, we are talking about the FIRST AMENDMENT. Not the 2nd or 4th or 9th or 17th. There is a reason it was the first.  

This is what happens when you have the logical high ground. This is what happens when people of sound mind put together their differences and unite for a bigger cause. The Republican party and Conservative movement were in tatters eight years ago. I was vocal about it. I am a Libertarian. I loathed the Evangelical voters. Probably the establishment even more. But I also would rather win. I didn't want WW3 with Russia. I didn't want a globalist agenda running my country.

When the media slants the narrative. When these young protesters abandon their liberal positions and embrace the very fascism so many are against it shows us and eventually, it will show them just what happens when you run a party or a movement engaged in politics based on emotions over logic. When you base your ideology on feelings and “fairness” over ideas and practical judgment.

These are the same Democrats who came out in record numbers for their anointed one but sat by cluelessly as their local and state legislators were engulfed in a sea of red under Obama's watch. What was the carnage under Obama? 980+ seats total? They don't understand they are impacted much more the closer levels get to you than the Executive branch but you can't blame them. They're ignorant willful idiots. And that's ok for now. They don't know what it's like to lose because even though they lost all those seats they had the White House… and now they don't and for the first time for most of them its a shock. They want a participation trophy but its adult time now. Kids get spanked and go to their rooms.

These Democrats are rioting and protesting everything from Black Lives Matter to Women's rights when they have all the rights men have to Transgender transitions transitional triathlon exclusion from the Olympics to the Groundhog day festivities a few days ago. We get it. You're sheep. You would rather be accepted than be logically sound. It makes sense. It's fact that logic doesn't fully develop until around the age of 25. (Editor's note: can't remember if that was a meme or did they really boycott and protest groundhogs day and quite frankly it would be more of a surprise if they didn't, so I'm not checking)

These positions and ideas seem stupid to us because they are. These ideas are from people who dont even pay their own cell phone bills fostered by professors and teachers who much like Hollywood; don't have to live in the real world.

And that leads me to this quote that we are all familiar with to a degree from a Frenchman named: Anselme Polycarpe Batbie (1875):

“He who is not a r├ępublicain at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind.”

This says it all because logic takes precedence over generosity (couldn't hurt the French to dust off this quote) no matter the age. But age obviously dictates logic. Just like the revolutionary sixties where many people tripped for days fornicating on strawberry patches and raging against the machine in between every bong hit and at every sit in, across every Vietnam protest spitting and throwing rocks at their contemporaries. Those people all grew up. They became board members. They became doctors and lawyers. Republicans Neoconservatives and Reagan Democrats. So will these kids today once they escape academia and have to live in the real world.

However, until then… beat their asses. Rub their nose in their insufferable ignorance. Enjoy the #Winning. Daddy said we would be sick of it. What's happening is an initiation so to speak.  So while we snicker as they cry and brag about their sad participation trophy that they sadly cling to THE POPULAR VOTE, remember who we are. Its week 3, 2017, and we are the Patriots at home vs the Dolphins and we are laying 13.5. RUN IT UP.

Friday, February 3, 2017

If I am dangerous does that make Black men dogs? The curious case of Darryl Lynn Hughley

Some creature called Darryl Lynn Hughley or better known as DL Hughley, went on a rant this week regarding President Trump's 90-day immigration ban. This diatribe, while only three minutes in length, was all over the place and all those places were not good places.

Hughley doesn't hide his leftist leanings. He's ultra liberal and very critical of the right and white community. At the same time he's had his run in with his own ilk, so it's not like he's afraid to speak his mind regardless of how wrong or out of touch that mind may be.

Here was something I found astonishing:

“ISIS is supposed to be what we are scared of. The most dangerous thing in America is a white dude with an assault weapon and an attitude. If you wanted to really make America safer, you would ban assault weapons and not Muslims. What is more scary to you? A white dude that just got laid off with a gun? Or a dude reading a Koran?"

Now let's start out light. Assault weapons? What are assault weapons? How many white dudes who commit crime are doing so with “assault weapons”? Now, what about his claim about white dudes being dangerous along with said assault weapons? Notice how he follows that up with the talk of banning assault weapons but leaves out banning white guys? It would seem fair enough once is an inanimate object while one is a human being.

However, that's not the case because the very next sentence he points out banning Muslims doesn't make sense because they in Hughley's opinion are not the problem. Interesting he uses the word “thing” to describe the white man and the gun but doesn't include the white guy in his BAN DESPITE said white man being the most dangerous. Come on.

And yeah, reading the Koran can lead to suicide bombing. It does nothing for your argument when rational people hear this. Reading the Koran is like pointing out that someone reading Mein Kampf doesn't make them a threat. Of course it doesn't but in the wrong hands; that book and almost every religious book written 2k years ago can lead to things like.... Crusades. 9-11. Burning women as witches or stoning women in 2017 for being raped.

Just one minute later he doubles down:

“The most dangerous thing in America are white dudes… angry white dudes. Let's be clear.”

It's obvious DL Hughley is triggered here. But does that make him racist? I don't take the glee in making those distinctions. He is, however, a race baiter. A sensationalist in the mold of an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. All bark with no bite (spoiler alert). All hysteria with no logic. A race hustling pimp. His illogical - partisan race baiting is so pronounced it would make Emanuel (reparations) Cleaver of the Congressional Black Caucus fame weak at the knees.  

This is the same man who doesn't think Black on Black crime exists. No, he really thinks that. Despite places like Chicago, Baltimore, LA, NY... where the victims and offenders are almost exclusively Black; it doesn't exist.

"There’s more white on white crime than black on black crime…. crime is about proximity.. you hurt the ones you love because you are close to them … if you take any living organism and put it in a small space with limited resources it will kill anything around it… black on black crime a’int nothing but biology."

Now it's obvious DL Hughley isn't a deep thinker. He sees an FBI report, looks at some numbers and viola, there are more white people killing white people than black killing black people. That would be a valid point say if you lived in Flatland, where everything was in a two-dimensional reality. However, we live in a complex space and biology is rooted in mathematics. Just simple per capita data points out DL Hughley flaws.

77.35% of the US population as of 2014  identified themselves as White (including Hispanics who identify as White) or 246 million.

13.3% in America are identified as Black or African American.

Whites in this country are 6x the population of Blacks. So, for Whites to kill more than Blacks would not only make sense but it would be expected. And the numbers bear that. Whites do commit more murders than Blacks, barley but they do. Now if we are talking about the most “dangerous thing in America” there is nothing on two legs more dangerous than a Black person. More specifically a young Black male. Because of, Blacks, despite being only 13% of the population commit 52% of all homicides and 59% of all felony murders on record from 1980-2008 according to the FBI as you can see below.

A piece written by the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley a few years back came out with these nuggets…

  • Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do
  • Black crime rates were lower in the 1940s and 1950s when black poverty was higher" and "racial discrimination was rampant and legal

There are also these bombshells from Edwin S. Rubenstein, M.A., New Century Foundation (courtesy of the American Renaissance)

  1. There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories and for virtually all age groups.
  2. In 2013, a black was six times more likely than a non-black to commit murder, and 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race than to be murdered by someone of another race.
  3. In 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time. This meant a black person was 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. A Hispanic was eight times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa.
  4. In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely. For the crime of “shooting” — defined as firing a bullet that hits someone — a black was 98.4 times more likely than a white to be arrested, and a Hispanic was 23.6 times more likely.
  5. If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.
  6. In an all-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.
  7. In 2015, a black person was 2.45 times more likely than a white person to be shot and killed by the police. A Hispanic person was 1.21 times more likely. These figures are well within what would be expected given race differences in crime rates and likelihood to resist arrest.
  8. In 2015, police killings of blacks accounted for approximately 4 percent of homicides of blacks. Police killings of unarmed blacks accounted for approximately 0.6 percent of homicides of blacks. The overwhelming majority of black homicide victims (93 percent from 1980 to 2008) were killed by blacks.
  9. Both violent and non-violent crime has been declining in the United States since a high in 1993. 2015 saw a disturbing rise in murder in major American cities that some observers associated with “depolicing” in response to intense media and public scrutiny of police activity.

No reason to pile on, the case is pretty clear. Black folks, particularly young black men who might make up, what 2-55 of the population... are unequivocally more dangerous than a white man despite an attitude or any weapon he might have. He can denounce and ignore “black on black crime” as not being real but the truth of the matter is it's pure evasion on his part and others like him because when you look at the data it's black and white (pardon that glorious pun).

Now let me make an interesting analogy.

If Black folks commit such an exorbitant amount of violent crime despite such small numbers could it be reasonable for people to be leery of that demographic? Is it racist for police to be more cautious or leery of young Black males? Can you really blame someone from crossing the street at night to avoid crossing paths with said young Black men? It doesn't take a mathematician to figure this out, it just takes access to the local or national news.

I said earlier there is nothing on two legs more dangerous than a Black person. More specifically 2-5% of the population or aka young Black males. You care to guess what's “the most dangerous thing in America” on four legs?

Pit bulls

Pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population, but they're responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982, according to research compiled by Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7, an animal-news organization that focuses on humane work and animal-cruelty prevention.

The correlation with Pit bulls and young black males is almost dead on and both highly disproportionate to their numbers of the US population in both dogs and people. There are people that will make the case that Pit bulls are only dangerous because they have bad owners. Pit bulls are good dogs in the right hands. Just like people on the left make excuses for the problems in inner cities with young Black males DESPITE the fact that before the 60’s under harsh conditions the Black community never had these problems. Remember, that was the days of the two parent household still - the Left has no time for that. Now, I know what you're thinking…. HE’S CALLING BLACK MEN DOGS.

That’s not it at all. I'm making the case that if you're going to go off hinge because you didn't like the election results and are triggered (still) then there is someone out there, despite being a nobody in terms of audience and notoriety is still going to take the time and check your ass. Because, I don't like being called dangerous without any empirical evidence to back it up; no more than does Darryl Lynn want to be compared to an animal that is bred to fight/maim/kill. Meanwhile, it was announced this week the gangs of Chicago want to meet with President Trump, while Darryl Lynn continues his SJW crusade fueled by false narratives and racial diatribes. This what it feels like to be winning again… 14 days and counting.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Useful idiots bound by no borders: the front lines are everywhere.

I remember watching a youtube video some time ago when I first heard the term: “Useful Idiot” to describe the Marxist leftists both here and abroad. It was Yuri Bezmenov who spoke those words of truth, a former journalist and propagandist for the KGB who had direct knowledge of psychological warfare practiced by the USSR in the Cold War. Mr. Bezemenov defected to the West and wrote and lectured in a pro-West manner until his death in 1993.
In todays world, Bezemenov today would be rich. His speaking engagements would rival the Clintons in terms of monetary command (except for not being able to deliver State department approved favors for it). He predicted our societal cucking via the neoliberals and the hypersensitive liberal left that seems to not only permeate our culture but dominate it across so many various levels from government to media and everywhere in between. His accuracy and precision of society in a present day United States is in such a detailed manner he would make Nostradamus just another failed Myan forecaster. A Y2K truth-er.  He was that damn good. It was this video that came to my mind after watching what unfolded after the dust settled and the smoke cleared in Aleppo, Syria.
We have an overabundance of “useful idiots” here in the states. We have the media. We have the aforementioned neoliberal agenda. What you don't see at first glance is what has become the most useful idiot in the arsenal. Its there in plain sight; you just have to squint a bit to see it.
Don't turn on your TV to see the idiots in plain view. That revelation won't be televised. The reality is “terrorism” has become the most easily exploited geopolitical hot potato of modern times. Kick em when you're up; sick em them when you're down. Or flip it around; it all works the same.
It didn't have to be all the #FakeNews pouring out of eastern Aleppo BEFORE it was taken by Assad and Syrian army as the city celebrated Christmas for the first time in four years. Funny that wasn't on CNN. Must have missed it. It didn't take Syrian special forces to capture and officially name Western operatives last month facilitating the likes of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, for us to know who we were betting on. How we aided and funded Wahhabist and neo-Wahhabist extremists in their attempts to implement an Islamic theocracy at the expense of a democratically elected secular nation. Let that soak in. Let that hit your palate. Got a taste for it now? Do you taste the notes of hypocrisy, deception and a hint of callousness in it? A democratic republic, the self-described beacon of light on the hill in the darkness of the world.
A benevolent nation (thank you ScottL) government who traded its sensibilities and soul in for more geopolitical power and less freedom. At least DADDY gets it...

As CNN and the like reported the civilians running away from the encircling Assad armies aided by Russian airstrikes in Aleppo last month they flipped the script. It was the civilians fleeing from 4 years of control by Islamic extremists, running from “moderate rebels” held in east Aleppo. But just where were they running to? The report never had that destination outcome. Interestingly enough, that report did tell us how the media are unable to cross the front-line into northern/western Syria. Funny way to gather info and intel to build a story, no? Journalism through 2nd and 3rd channels isn't journalism anymore. Its at the mercy of whoever can control said sources. This often leads to propaganda. A simply connection of the dots can tell you where they were running and fleeing to. It was none other than the Syrian government, who held a peaceful western Aleppo just a few miles away. Consider this TV report on the fleeing civilians from CNN via Fred Pleitgen:
That headline is totally misleading for a myriad of reasons. Strange it is, the narrative here at home is not reporting the truth. People are fleeing a place being bombed to the people responsible for the bombing? They want you to believe the east, where our “moderates” are aided and backed by the US and its allies are fighting for freedom in favor of the citizens of Aleppo; when it could not be further from the truth. East Aleppo, the place where a kid is surrounded and beheaded by “moderates”. Those “moderates” known as the Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement were given arms and support by our State Department headed by the infamous and nefarious demon of death herself, one Hillary Clinton. This is in a place where:
hundreds of east Aleppo militiamen prevented at rifle-point thousands of civilians from fleeing their enclave over the past two weeks, how they shot dead six people, including a pregnant woman.
In a place, where cowards shouting "Allahu akbar" used civilians and their residences as shields from bombings. What a great God they have. And the Western media was along for the ride if you just exclude the fact they didn't have the balls to get in the car and be there in person. There might not a better recap and list of media lies and propaganda on east Aleppo, Syria than the piece written by Rania Khalek of
We have seen this play out in Libya as well. Defined by the West on its watch lists as “extremists” but used by the West openly as useful idiots in the pursuit of regime change against a secular middle eastern nation.

If we are to engage and our goal is to eradicate these extremist groups then lets do so. What we can't have is this posture where we allow ourselves to arm these extremists over democratically elected leaders. It sends a mixed message and is ineffective. 
All of this is lies at the feet and the blood on the hands of the prince of peace himself, the neoliberals anointed one, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Nobel Peace Prize. A President of the United States who won the Nobel Peace Prize before he even stepped into office. The same man who burst onto the scene under the guise of transparency. Who ran a campaign against nation building and regime changes. The same man who would come to execute more drone strikes than his predecessor. A man who would choose to arm radical Islam over nations with democratically elected governments. What happened? Did he do an 180 because he wanted to or was he just doing what he was told?
He was the man who once said back in ‘08;
"one important thing is that we not get mission creep"
There was no congressional authorization for launching air raids in Syria. There was no authorization in Libya either you know what started out as a “humanitarian effort” to only become another “Moderate” extremist-backed “resistance” that ended up with the Muslim brotherhood filling the vacuum. I think mission creep has all but been executed at 100% capacity, Mr. Obama.
This leads me to my questions:
How do we get to a point where we are supporting the elimination of democracy at the hands of extreme Muslim terror?
All of a sudden an extreme Sunni/Wahhabism hybrid decides to enter Aleppo as liberators? Despite every conquest by these actors has been extreme and violent to the natives they confront.
Why would Al-Assad enter Aleppo to butcher citizens (as some reported) while it was being held by these “terrorists” in a city of mixed ethnicities and religions who before the uprising lived side by side in peace under Assad?
Why do we support a nation like Saudi Arabia? A nation led by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh whom has declared Sunni Islam as enemies and wants to purify the Sunni sect or you could also say 80% of Islam. All this despite the fact Wahhabism is the overwhelming majority of “terrorists”?
Why do all of our end results in the middle east we engage in result in destabilization?

There are plenty of options for answers but the conclusions to be drawn from these options are about as fuzzy as the reasoning for these actions I laid out in my questioning. I have written about the petrodollar many many times but that might be just part of the story. If there is one thing we do know, Mr. Obama your legacy is clear: we want our award back. See, I know YOU think you deserved the award without merit DESPITE the fact that you were the polar opposite of peace. And its this entitlement that makes you the poster boy for the infamous cultural suicide we embrace today; the participation trophy. Nevertheless, Nobel committee secretary Geir Lundestad finally sees it like I see it (sort of). As he wrote in his memoir: "Secretary of Peace. 25 years with the Nobel Prize" ...
"thought it would strengthen Obama and it didn't have this effect."
"In hindsight, we could say that the argument of giving Obama a helping hand was only partially correct,"
"Even many of Obama's supporters believed that the prize was a mistake,"
"In that sense, the committee didn't achieve what it had hoped for"

Better late than never , Geir. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Department of Ed is about to get red-pilled: and everyone is losing their minds

No time for subtleties.  American teachers, administrators & bureaucrats but teachers more than anyone else… you suck. You have failed generations of students and this nation. There is no dancing around it any longer. Just accept the truth for what it is and maybe WE can fix your mess. I’ll get back to that.
Unless you live in some Unabomber utopia completely devoid of social media over the last week then you missed out on the high-tech lynching of one Betsy Devos. The school choice champion out of Michigan who was lambasted via her Senate confirmation hearing this week. There were some questions she either refused to answer or simply flat out did not know or even have an intelligent answer to. Under normal circumstances in this setting, it would be alarming and naturally, that’s all the red meat the liberals needed to declare DEFCON 5 across Twitter, Facebook and the like.
Suddenly your aunt, cousin or brother who happens to be one of 3.1 million full-time teachers across the country all of a sudden were instantly macro political scientists. People who normally don’t even know who makes up the three branches of government were “WOKE”. Pitchfork in one hand with the other shielding their sixteen students with the steadfast resolve of a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubbies.
Knowing full well, the overwhelming majority didn’t watch the hearing but instead picked up the cliff notes and immediately were enlightened. The irony of teachers taking the shortcut and coming up with subpar opinions/equivalencies is rich. Only in America can you spend a boatload on mediocrity and then have the perpetrators burn a strawman. And not get called on it. But those days are over. If we are to have this discussion let’s put all the cards on the table. If education is really the foundation for our Republic than its too important to mince words any longer.
First of all Devos, she’s a hatchet (wo)man. She was picked to grab the bull ( the education system) by the horns and push it to “school choice” as opposed to the traditional public education model. If and when she makes this a reality; mission accomplished. Devos has been a proponent of Common Core; a socialist/globalist wet dream where everyone at best achieves average. Just smart enough to run the machines but too dumb to think critically outside the box. Thus no threat to the power structure. Fittingly, that kind of sums up Devos here in both regards. Now that we got that out the way and are no longer mincing words…
Teachers? Yeah, back to them and I’m talking to all 3+ million of you. You suck. The results are in. The numbers don’t lie. We are floundering across the board compared to all other 1st world nations by just about every metric. No matter how much we shrink class sizes, no matter how much money we essentially set on fire IN THE NAME OF THE CHILDREN; nothing changes. And not only do you suck, you’re defiant and completely ignorant to your complicity in the rot that is at the core of the US Public education system.
We have seen a bureaucracy of a few powerful unions envelop the educational system like a Burmese python. This control and power so rigid and consolidated, it creates an environment where teachers performance and aptitude mean nothing and outside of giving a kid fellatio in his or her classroom with multiple witnesses… virtually impossible to fire them. Sure, there are some great teachers. Everyone can remember their favorite or most impactful teachers but we forget about the average or poor ones. Just how many poor teachers though are there?
There was an LA Weekly investigation done back in 2010 of the Los Angeles public school system that illustrates this. After a five-month investigation, LA Weekly determined that the Los Angeles Unified School District, with its 885 schools and 617,000 students who educate one in every 10 children in California spent $3.5 million trying to fire just seven of the district’s 33,000 teachers for poor classroom performance. The average cost of those cases was $500,000.
Not sure about the averages here but 33k teachers and only 7 were deemed incompetent? Apply those odds anywhere else in the American workforce and get back to me. Think about your drive-thru experiences. Think about contractors. Think about police (whom half are racist anyway, right?). How about priests? Think about watching your favorite football team. Or an MMA bout. You see what I did there at the end?
There are substandard or incompetent professionals everywhere; in every profession. Teaching is no exception. Yet it’s never even in the debate while our educational gains have been marginal if at all – over the last 30 years. We seem to have been inflicted with: Teacher Worship Syndrome. We’ve seen the Department of Education’s solutions for our educational apathy. We’ve tried no Child Left Behind. Common Core. We’ve incentivized teachers and students alike. From limo rides to Visa gift cards for just showing up. That’s right, we’ve resorted to paying for a public (free) education and still… not enough.
It’s gotten so bad and because teachers are so untouchable that Slate ran a story a few years ago on how “bad teachers can be made into good teachers”. It’s just our kids and all of our futures at stake, just capitulate, throw some training at them and viola. Presto, we have better teachers. Except for that doesn’t work. The study the article was built around was a study done in a school district in Ohio in 2001, that centered on Teacher Evaluation System or TES. Despite its success or failure, it didn’t pick up steam as the article points out: “a 2009 survey by the New Teacher Project found that school districts rarely use evaluation for any purpose other than remediation and dismissal”.
So… no oversight. No accountability. Par for the course.
James Marshall Crotty, who wrote a flaming deposition for Forbes back in 2012, came across some facts that only further compound my case, consider:

  • Despite high U.S. unemployment and far higher under-employment, major U.S. employers cannot find qualified American applicants to fill their job openings (skills gap). For instance, 63% of aerospace and life science firms report shortages of “qualified workers.”
  • 75% of U.S. citizens ages 17-24 cannot pass military entrance exams because they are not physically fit, have criminal records, or because they lack critical skills needed in modern warfare, including how to locate on a map military theaters in which the U.S. is fulsomely engaged, such as Afghanistan
  • According to a recent report by the not-for-profit testing organization, ACT, only 22 percent of U.S. high school students met “college ready” standards in all of their core subjects; these figures are even lower for Hispanic and African-American students. This means that, upon graduating high school, more than 50% of college-bound students need to take remedial classes in one or more subjects, though a far lower percentage actually do.
  • In 2009 PISA, U.S. students ranked fourteenth in reading, twenty-fifth in math, and seventeenth in science compared to students in other developed countries.

How do we fix this mess? McKinsey & Company, an independent consulting firm outside of the education lynch-mob has made some rather compelling arguments on just how and why our teachers are to blame for our education ineptitude. From the Asian model, more specifically the Singapore model the proof is all in teacher selection and retention. How to select them and how to keep them is the largest indicator from boom or bust. Take Finland for example, the leading nation in education the world over:

  • Students don’t start school until they are of age seven. In the first two years of school, they spend 4-5 hours per day in it. Yet at the age of 15, Finnish students are atop of the world’s testing at math, reading science and problem-solving.
  • They recruit from the top 10% of college graduates in education to become teachers.
  • Finland has a two stage selection process just to get into university to train as teachers; here in the states all you need is a pencil and piece of paper and you can be a teacher.
  • Finland frontloads salaries. By starting at a higher salary either money isn’t an issue anymore as the gap from a teacher with 1-year service to a teacher of 30 years service is at most 18%.
  • Finland also requires all teachers to have a masters degree.     
  • They also require teachers to assemble together in groups. Collaborating on lesson plans, reviewing each other’s lessons thus helping each other improve. They even off time off (one afternoon each week) to accommodate this to happen.
  • Special Education is destigmatized. Finland has an average of 1 in 7 teachers are for special education as many as 30% of its students while need some assistance in a school year.
As I said, in the beginning, these are not the normal circumstances. Yes, the setting is the same with the hearings on Devos but this is a scene out of the Matrix. Where the bullets are in slow motion. Where you are fending off multiple enemies with martial arts while admiring the wall decor. Trump, is trolling anyone that got upset by this nomination or any of his other nominations for his cabinet. His selections for their respective posts are almost all adversaries of their cabinet position. Devos is no exception. She has been on record saying “government truly sucks” and called public education a “dead end” because, well because the results speak for themselves. Trump wants to burn a lot of these agencies to the ground and the Department of Education created only 37 years ago is at the top of his list. I mean how did we ever learn without it for 200+ years? But our cotton candy soft populous couldn’t handle that approach, there wouldn't be enough safe spaces and cuddling corners around academia for that fix. So the trojan horse method looks like the softest landing for what needs to be done.
Education here in the states via the federal communist monopoly is spinning its wheels, so why not try something completely different? Why not put it back into the hands of those very states where the advantage of a republic can take hold like its supposed to? Where a city or state can adopt a different pedagogy. Over time the cream rises to the top and all the states can learn from each other. Look at DC. The independent incubation process is what makes us the United States. Collaboration instead of capitulation. ProWestarian US culture over globalism. The individual over communism. School choice being an enemy to education is a farce. If public schools die as a result; so be it. Having fewer choices and competition is a close minded, scared and a fatally failed perspective. Not to mention completely un-American.  There is a lot of you teachers out there and of course, most of you don’t suck. However, if you want to keep ignoring the fact that those around you or even you, yourself, isnt the solution but are actually the problem; then keep blaming Trump and continue arm chairing senate committee hearings. Or in other words, shit in one hand and stuff your complaints inside the other. Do THAT math year after year and grade the results. 
Post Script:
Hero’s don’t get a summer vacation.   

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Build the Wall but know your Enemy

As Mr. Trump continues to double down on his campaign trail promises of building The Wall as we await his inauguration less than 48 hours from now, there remains an ominous symbolic result that will take place before the first shovel will have even broken ground. Consider the fundamental backdrop of this wall.

On one hand, it's obviously ideal to keep campaign promises. Especially if those promises are ones that will be challenging. This will not only build credibility from supporters and detractors alike but it would also show something in short supply of these days in The Swamp and that is - Character. For someone to actually campaign on something truly remarkable while on the trail and follow through with it once elected despite political and public pressure is nothing short of unicorn status anymore. The norm in modern political discourse is the ObamaCare debacle. For what was promised on the trail compared to what was passed once Obama gained office is like comparing Sammy Sosa circa 1998 to now. 

This wall would not only disrupt illegal immigration; it would also impact the drug trade. Despite my Libertarian stances and views on drugs, this would surely disrupt business as usual revolving drug and human trafficking. The DEA’s 2015 National Drug Assessment Summary illustrates just how dominate the Mexican cartels are in the illegal drug trade. As Joseph Borelli of the Hill opined exceptionally last week, drugs cost the U.S. economy $193 billion per year… and that was 2007 data, ie; before the current heroin epidemic.

On the other hand, its cost is completely unknown. There have been reports as low as 8 billion to others as high as 50 billion. By today's standards, that's a drop in the bucket but this along with everything else Mr. Trump wants to do will cost money. And in case anyone hasn't noticed the last two presidents to serve full terms have each doubled the national debt by the time they left. This irresponsible result isn't sustainable long term.  

A potentially troubling outcome could be another hammer blow into the divide of a public that seems to splinter by the day. In contrast with many of most in my Libertarian ilk, while I'm firmly in the “a nation is no nation without borders” camp I'm also a realist and think of myself as being pragmatic. And in what I'm about to suggest might have some Machiavellian undertones but it's paramount in my view for the survival of The West.

The Wall while functional and surely within its merits does not override the United States relationships with her neighbors from the south. And I say, neighbors because Mexico illegal immigration has slumped over the years instead of being replaced by immigrants further south. Some of you may be thinking: “Yeah but they still come via Mexico” and that would be correct but besides the point.

The point of this essay and the fundamental foundation for all my writing is the preservation of Western ideals and culture. So much so, I would rather deploy an armada of Disney like TRAM’s at the border with free baked apple pies, complimentary Budweiser and Mcdonalds cheeseburgers for all, while immigrants (legal, illegal and any otherwise) while they wait to board than I would the alternative.

I would assume we rename the state of Texas to “Little Mexico” before I accept the alternative

I would push for legislation to include the empanada as the official partner of Thanksgiving day on behalf of Americans everywhere; then I would be willing to entertain even the thought of the alternative.

That alternative? The creeping tidal wave of intolerance that is Islam.

Consider the birthrate


Gaddafi, of course, was speaking about the migrants and subsequent births from those migrants across the European continent. Anyone that follows Black Pigeon Speaks knows full well the situation with migrants and Europe's downward spiral via multiculturalism.  Why would they not only allow this but continue to do nothing continuously, DESPITE the egregious and blatant primitive actions seems dumbfounding? The reality is Europe is dying off. The birth rates in most of its nations are well below the replacement level of 2.1 with some like Spain at 1.4. It is irreversible unless you start convincing the natives (of Europe) to embark on a baby boom. Sadly, the world cup is only once every four years.

So with low birthrate and an aging population, SOMEONE has to come in to make the car, stock the shelves, sell the beer and fill out the ranks. Ah, yes… Europe evidently didn't learn from their predecessor. As it was the Romans embracing conquests that led to the pillaging and absorbing of other cultures that would one day make up the bulk of their armies. Instead of Romans it was immigrated or captured barbarians flooding the ranks. Not surprisingly, they did not share as high esteem of the Roman culture as did the legendary legion’s (predominantly native men) before them. How’d that turn out?

According to a Pew Research study, between 2010 and 2015 “In every region for which data were available, the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) for Muslims (3.1) is at or above the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman (the number needed to maintain a stable population, all else being equal).” In fact, Muslims have a larger fertility rate than the world’s population overall (2.5)

Islam will grow from 1.8 billion in 2010 to 2.8 billion in 2050. Thus making Islam growing twice as fast as the world population. And when this subject comes up there is always someone who points out that Islam will slow in terms of growth in the next fifty years but what they leave out is so will everyone else. All religions will. Care to guess what religion is still growing the fastest even then? Of course, Islam.

How does this relate to us? And how do I tie this into the wall? Consider these statistics from another Pew Research study from 2014 on religion in Latin America:

Latin America is home to more than 425 million Catholics – nearly 40% of the world’s total Catholic population

Overall, 84% of Latin American adults report that they were raised Catholic

Today, the Pew Research survey shows, 69% of adults across the region identify as Catholic

In this study, much of the premise is the loss of catholics to protestant churches. These are Christians now matter how you dice it. Regardless of your religious affiliation, if you're Pro West then you have to understand that the West was built upon, to a large extent, Judeo-Christian values. By all accounts, Latin America is the best ally we have in the culture war that is being waged on various fronts. From the PC-SJW-Left to the Islamic expansion; there is nobody better equipped to do battle against these grenades from a fundamental level than Latin America both domestic and abroad.

Does this mean the wall should not be built? Of course not. This just means we need to be cognitive in our discourse regarding the ideological battlefield. Mexicans and the rest of South America are not a threat to our culture. To our ideals. They want we want. They share the same god. Assimilation is not an issue for them. But can we say the same for the Left? Can we say the same for Islam? The answer is a resounding: NEGATIVE.  

“Know yourself, know your enemy, and you shall win a hundred battles without loss”