Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Iran and Santorum, more in common then you might think.

Its 1391 in Iran, you best pass on that grass; if you want to save your ass. It is literally 1391 according to Iran’s calendar, and here I thought I was always a contrarian? Back in 76' when we were celebrating our bi-centennial the last Shah of Iran (see 1953 US led coup) flipped the calendar from 1355 to 2535... overnight! The Persians, well, they apparently take contrarianism to another level. Obviously the irony of that difference in centuries isn’t lost on me when I seen this headline in the Washington Post last night:

My first thought was “well, Iran is trying to reduce gasoline usage” but I figured that was even too drastic for this regime… but not too far off. As I read I was surprised to learn that:

1.       The executions are in public for everyone to see.
2.       About 80 percent of the executions involved drug offenses and many were minors. 
3.       Iran’s Penal Code make demonstrations, public debate and the formation of groups   deemed a threat to ‘national security’ punishable by prison or death

What jumped off the page was that drug offenses are the overwhelming majority of the executions. But that doesnt touch the ludicrous notion of sentencing minors to death, i mean wow. I would continue but I think there isn’t much else to be said. Public debate is one of the many offenses that could be cause for a stoning or hanging… writing this blog and you reading it could be two acts that were punishable by death. Does this not seem like something taken out of the dark ages?? Circa 1391??

It makes sense though. Drugs and public debate (both offenses) would open up some eyes resulting in a formation of groups (also an offense) of like minded “awoken” people and before you know it, national security would be threatened. You would have yourselves another Arab spring uprising. While I don’t agree, I can see the Iranians reasoning. Had anyone have the insight and organization it would end that theocracy resulting in public executions of the publicly “elected” leaders. Basically, its a little C.Y.O.A. 

This had me thinking about our nation and it dawned on me that some people would prefer a government that blends their faith here in the states. Take Slick Rick, Santorum actually said this week he doesn't believe in the "absolute separation of church and state". While some might rationalize this or explain it the bottom line is any type of religious beliefs should always be excluded because religion isn't exactly inclusive. Its been the basis for a few conflicts over time. You will always have people that will become disenfranchised and government cannot be in the business of playing favorites or picking winners (hahaha). 

The overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful souls, but there is a small percentage of them and a high percentage of them running entire nations that use pieces of the Koran to justify horrendous acts. There is also rouge groups of men that use the Koran to endorse and carry out terrorist acts. Now, superimpose that here if we didn't have the separation of church and state or if we started chipping way at that now. 

The overwhelming majority of Christians are peaceful souls but there is that 800 lb crazy book in the room like the Muslim version, but older... and with a sequel starring a pretty cool hippie with a sandals. Being Slick Rick is Christian; have you ever read Deuteronomy or Exodus? Imagine if someone started bringing those books to capital hill for show n tell? Gee, i hope they wouldn't pick out the parts concerning the murder of unbelievers (yikes).  Praise God, we have the separation of church and state.

<---- Notice where faith ranks in the order????

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