Friday, April 7, 2017

We are living in the 4th dimension and Trump is the architect

Possible explanation for the Syrian airstrike: 4-d Chess Move

-Trump takes pride in his campaign promises...
Meeting those goals are more important to him than any President we have ever known; his Ego and machismo is what got him elected. Invading other countries is against his narrative; hence why it pissed so many of his supporters off.

-I’ll argue, no talking point on his platform was bigger than defeating terrorism...
He called out ISIS. He Called them Radical Islamic Terrorists. He vowed to defeat them anywhere it took. Would he sacrifice a bishop (bad optics to his base of intervening) to set up his Queen (defeating ISIS)? You bet.

-The US was already in Iraq and Syria laying groundwork for…
We have never left Iraq. Syria we have entered onto the scene recently; backing Arab and Kurdish forces in Northern Syria as the coalition pushes into Raqqa city, the self-described capital of ISIS held since 2013. Russia remains in this region as well. With similar objectives. Assad was not receptive of the US deploying 500 or so boots in that region but that was the extent of it. What could he say?

-The battle for Raqqa has been coming but it's been slow moving...
Nobody wants to put serious numbers on the ground in fear of the optics. So Russia has been pushing and prodding a ragtag bunch of local fighters with the help of a depleted and weary Syrian Army.

-Now we have the air strike with gas a few days ago…
We started prepping for the strike 48 hours before it went down. Unlike say Iraq in 2003, the international community wanted this. Thus there was nothing to lose from that perspective. Syria would not be able to stop it. Russia doesn't have a strong navy presence there or much of one at home. Navy’s win wars. They notified Russia before the attack. Win-win.

-The meat of the move…
The US puts Russia and Syria on notice in front of the world. Basically cucking them as Russia sends a single destroyer to the Mediterranean in what really looks sad because if they meant business they would have sent a real presence but they don't really have a naval presence as said earlier so its the only card they have. Outside of Syria, Russia has no other presence in the ME nor does Iran. The US has a couple hundred base's throughout that region in various locations so there couldn't be any response if they wanted one. So, the real mission is exposed, as the US continues to push its way into northern-held Syria via special forces as the battle for Raqqa city will come and will be taken by a coalition of US LED forces. Russia ran 95% of the race but the US will take the baton in Syria and be the ones breaking the tape.

Iraq. Russia doesn't have any presence in Iraq. We do. The US after a glorious defeat of ISIS in Raqqa will force ISIS into their Alamo: Mosul, ISIS’ last stronghold in Iraq. After we put more boots on the ground there via special forces, Mosul, like Raqqa, will be taken by a coalition of US LED forces. not Russia. Not with the help of Russia as Putin floated out there previously. It would be a victory lap for MAGA. Trump will have defeated ISIS and also destroyed the notion he was handled by Russians; killing two birds with one stone. Another check for the list. Not to mention his biggest check of them all. That is the essence of a 4d chess move by MAGA.


Sunday, April 2, 2017


Fake news, fake news, fake news. We hear it so much we have become desensitized to it. The phenomenon of fake news really started around the same time WikiLeaks released the DNC hacked emails. It was this time the story of #Pizzagate broke. Fake news was a response to Pizzagate. And while it did raise fundamental questions about those emails, some of the news being circulated wasn't news at all, it was unfounded accusations presented as news.

One example was the Comet Pizza Parlor, owned by DC socialite, James Alefantis. It was alleged Mr. Alefantis ran a sex trafficking ring inside the pizza parlor, however, there was no evidence and in America that is slander. This caused Mr. Alefantis harm and in the end, threatened Alex Jones with a potential lawsuit.  Jones had to apologize on air for his part in the coverage of Comet Pizza and Mr. Alefantis. The fallout from exposed fake news is unmeasurable. But what about the fake news that flies right under the radar?

Today, I will present to you a small, vague, but important example of how fake news works. First, the reality is, people, don't read anymore. At least not in depth anyway. As people have gotten busier and with advances in technology, there has been a tremendous decline in consumption of traditional news; especially print and mainly in newspapers.

Now in one respect, this is good. This develops more voices and more voices create more news. The more sources of news, traditional or not, give people more choices. More choices, more likely you are to piece together the truth. But it also allows or encourages people to only read headlines. As I have noted before; 60% of the public only reads headlines.

Incredibly, according to two Pew Research studies, 44 percent of Americans get news from Facebook. And we all the reliability of Facebook's filters and matrixes. Combine that with your drunk friends ranting and raving at 2 am and you only reading the headlines? It's easy to see how one can easily build up walls of confirmation bias.

And they're counting on just that.

Now in this article per Yahoo via Business Insider, the headline is a classic "Report suggests". Let’s open this up and see who they cite as sources. We open it and its "anonymous law enforcement". Disappointing, nobody on record. Then if that wasn't enough, two sentences later they discredit the entire article per "other agents" calling the "report" a damning "almost all circumstantial" that "cannot be used to make any conclusive suppositions". So, what we have here is a fugazi. There is nothing here. It's just a “gotcha” headline with multiple unnamed yet, conflicting ...speculative contradictions.

A piece of news like this is to intellect what Diet Coke is to your daily diet.

This creates confusion for the 40% of people who read it and for the 60% that don't, it creates a false narrative. This isn't journalism anymore. It's empty propaganda and should be treated as such. If that wasn't enough, consider the last section I highlighted (on graphic 1) and this is the link it opens to:

This article points out the most important findings that came out of five hours of testimony. It bullets three of them as you can see above in the middle. They sum up to this:

  • Trump's wiretapping claim was false
  • Trump's connection to Russia via him or his associates
  • Pointing out investigation started in July 2016

First, Trump's wiretap claim? Semantics. Secondly, Mr. Comey admitted to investigating in July 2016 making the first bullet point true by default, thus Trump's claim would be true; he and/or his associates were under investigation. Wiretap? Maybe not tapping his phone but he was under investigation and perhaps, surveillance. Yet, here we are without any evidence... nine months later.

Now the last point and the most important of them is the investigation between Trump and Russia. Five hours of testimony and 19 mentions of the word "intelligence" in this article and not one time does the word "counter" come before "intelligence". Weird, huh? If you read the quote on the right in red, straight from the horse's mouth, under oath, Mr. Comey clearly calls it what it is: a Counterintelligence Investigation.

What is the significance of "Counterintelligence"? I'll just leave it to Dan Mclaughlin of National Review to explain:

First, it means that nobody determined that there was a basis to think a crime may have been committed — or that investigators were likely to uncover a crime — before starting an investigation. That’s not what people usually assume when they hear “FBI investigation.”
Second, it means that the investigation has no target and no standards and that there is no expectation it will have a public endpoint.

Remember, the Director of National Intelligence under President Obama testified "NO EVIDENCE OF TRUMP-RUSSIA COLLUSION TO MY KNOWLEDGE"

And don't just make the mistake of chalking this particular story up to one bad actor, this article via Yahoo and Business Insider mirror a similar one, on the same day, in the New York Times.  As you know, this is a coordinated effort to shape a narrative. A narrative that clearly shows the corporate media is aligned against the President of the United States. The bigger questions are why and just how far they will go to achieve their objective? Only time will tell.

Tiger moms & the cannibalisation of 3rd wave feminism

So a friend of mine sent me an article the other day with a gotcha headline of:


Frightening, right? I mean to the casual observer this sounds unjust. Fortunately, we have Antifas around to take up causes and fight for the “marginalized” amongst us. Now, add that to a cocktail of Americans who a majority (60%) only read headlines; it’s little wonder why we have such a dumbed down, pussy-whipped society full of Social Justice Warriors.
The article in question is only three paragraphs long. It provides no evidence of anything regarding a wage gap. There is no statistics. Just three different years. Seriously. There is this nugget:
Some problem you have here women, isn’t it? Living longer and all the while making less? Freeloaders.
We have all heard the numbers. White women make .77 cents on the dollar. Black women make 65 cents and Hispanic women make .55 cents on the “man”s dollar. Funny, how these studies always leave out Asian women. Maybe Asian women don’t fit the “People Of Color” narrative. Which, by the way, is one of the most “racist” types of groupings and microaggressions possible. What, minority populations are just all the same? Seems like their race doesn’t deserve to be identified? Maybe the bourgeoisie just can’t find the time, with all their protesting and gaslighting the logic of M.A.G.A? Or maybe they just don’t have room in the People Of Color inn? I’m seriously stumped. I know Asians tend to be small, I’ll give you that (Alabama black snake anyone). However, something is amiss.
Could it be them little itty bitty Asians don’t fit their emotional and flawed narrative?
Asians, specifically Asian women here, are to the pay gap mythology what Salman Rushdie is to the Islamic mythology. No, Asian women are not illiterate-thieving-child raping-war lords. Like Rushdie, who grew up Islamic, only to be the subject of a Fatwa for calling Islam what it is: satanic. Asian women are educated and paid just about dollar for dollar in what white men (87%) are paid. As the seer suckered suit clothed prophet once said: “Asians are kicking our ass”. And that is why they are never included in any of the feminist written oblations.

Image result for pay gap white black and hispanic

Right now, there is someone out there thinking “87% is not a dollar, we still have 13% to go” but that’s not the case. First of all, Asian women tend to be split into two specific groups: highly educated = highly paid versus not educated = service industry jobs. Thus the service industry jobs drag down wages vs the educated wages in an aggregate. Think of the monopoly they possess as nail technicians. And no, that’s not “racist” all you social justice “warriors” those are called facts; as of 2007
Hell, Asian American women-owned businesses are up 150% since 1997 folks. That’s called winning. Most of all, if there was any anti-feminism sexism in America it would be those dirty, evil Asian men. This is because unlike white men (87 cents on the dollar) Asian women only make 79% of their racial counterparts wages. Where’s that outrage? But when you consider the education is pretty simple:

Race and Ethnicity chart 2
The smarter or more educated you are…. the more money you make. It’s an investment. This is not a particularly hard concept. But that’s the point. It’s not about logic or making sense, its perpetual victim mentality. It’s a power grab. It’s almost hostage like. This is and will always be about culture. Asians pride themselves on scholastics. They hire tutors and expect their kids to graduate college in the same way many minorities hope their kids graduate high school. Thus these are the results you have:
And in defense of white women, they dominate every female professional field. It’s not like they are just handing out these jobs to people with no degree last time I checked. While Asain women graduate college more so than white women they are only 6% of the population. White women are still the largest demographic in the country. Hence that’s a lot of college-educated white women. Here are some examples of occupation and race from the BLS website for 2016. If you go through the jobs (and there is plenty of other examples there that prove my point) you will see it’s not sexism or racism, rather its education and culture:

OccupationTotal Work ForceWomenBlackAsianHispanic
Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations8,96075.611.89.67.8
Education, training, and library occupations8,94873.1104.710
Professional and related occupations34,498579.89.29
Management, professional, and related occupations59,43851.
Service occupations26,81156.616.85.523.9
Sales and office occupations33,53961.
Office and administrative support occupations17,69172.114.14.715.6
Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations5,80440.114.62.938.2
Do you really want to change this? Taking from the “man” or marching around DC with pussy’s on your heads won’t do it. Get out there and make a difference. Volunteer in these minorities communities. Become a big sister. Do something besides constantly self-indulging in your bitter, self-righteous-perpetual-laziness. Yes, I’m talking to you, white guilt ridden feminists. You don’t care about these people really – you just want to wage war on the patriarch. These “People Of Color” are nothing to you but meatshields for your power thirsty agenda. Or you could do what’s right; pack this thing back up & lets put the genie back in the bottle. Rebuild the middle class in terms of numbers, (un)suppress male wages and get back to making nuclear families great again. Or to put it bluntly… get back in the damn kitchen for the good of everyone.

Proud of your boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Monday, March 20, 2017

The modern day Pied Piper: pope Francis

If there was ever a time for spiritual guidance it would appear there is no time like the present. I know its {current year} status here but it's true. The polarization of almost everything is putting strains on all relationships and none more so than the nuclear family. If anyone can appreciate this and understand the severity this is to us all it is surely the holy father. Surely, the pope and his infinite wisdom see's what is happening? Maybe he doesn't? Hes after all just a man. Or, maybe he does and is complicit?

First things first, if you're a Christian, you don't need any middleman or ‘papacy’ to communicate with Yahweh or God. In fact, I would say putting a ‘man’ above all other men is kind of what Jesus came here to free us from in the first place. No false idols or false priests. The relationship with Jesus Christ as a Christian is one that is personal and solitary. No good deeds or others blessings will curry you favor with your maker. Only God knows your heart. Martin Luther made this point some 500 odd years ago.

It was THAT Reformation that made the United States possible. It was 1300 years roughly from the starting point of Christianity and Catholicism; interestingly enough, around the same timeline we are in now in terms of years from the beginning of Islam. And while a reformation is badly needed in Islam its evident we won't see one anytime soon if at all.

Islam is spreading. From nation state to nation state across Europe like cancer in a host who refuses to use chemo, The West, is being eaten alive by its own self-indulgent apathy. But who is to blame?

The Obama administration, the same one who refused to call it “Radical Islam” when in fact it wasn't even that. It's just “Islam” doing “Islam”. Although that's another story for another day. But it was this mutt of a president and his nefarious Joseph Goebbels-like clone in Hillary Clinton, who took full advantage of Islamic migration via the Arab spring uprisings. 'Take advantage of ' is rather ambiguous how about they breathed the first puffs of breath into the lungs of those uprisings? Surely the previous administration, the deep state and the global liberal agenda’s running interference inside democratically elected and/or secular nation states resulting in mass destabilization of the Middle East is purely coincidental.

With the elite political and power brokers on board for the chaos that only leaves one entity left; Christianity.

And nobody exemplifies (deservedly or not) Christianity than the pope. The new cool hip pope.

Let me be perfectly blunt. Fuck this pope. So much so, I didn't even bother to capitalize his name/title.

This pope officially crossed the Rubicon two years ago when he allowed a Muslim to PREY inside the Vatican. Of course, this is all in the plan to bring into action cool-hip pope's desire to “re-create a desire, a possibility” of eventually relaunching the Middle East’s stalled peace process. Peace in the Middle East? Rightttt. Ever since then it's been all downhill for this charlatan. Just consider these quotes over the last year or so:

On Islamic Terrorism...

“I do not like to talk about Islamic violence because every day when I skim the papers … I read about violence in Italy: this one who killed the girlfriend, another killed the mother-in-law … and they are all baptized Catholics. If I talk about Islamic violence, then I also have to talk about Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent, just like not all Catholics are violent”

No cool, liberal pope - these things are like comparing apples to flip-flops. Muslims who commit terrorism are doing so in the name of Allah. Christians who kill their mother in law I assure you 99.999% of the time are not doing so in the name of Jesus. Islamic people committing such acts are not even in the wrong according to their book. As I have stated before, 500 passages of government rule and judicial guidelines straight out of Barbarism 101. A Christian in that 00.001 percentile? There is no justification in the New Testament, therefore it's a user error. And I Denounce ANY idiot that does so. Give them the harshest penalty possible. There'll be no shelter or absolution for a user error. See how easy that is mythical-moderate-Muslims? What's the matter, cat got your tongue? Or does your book not allow it?

On Charlie Hedbo...

"It's normal, it's normal. One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people's faith, one cannot make fun of faith."

Yes, you can. Freedom of speech includes hate speech. We are The West and if The West is truly The Best then all speech is admissible. If it's something someone disagrees with - then it should be met with a sharp and poignant response, not fear or terrorist acts. We will win on ideas. We don't need to cuck to the masses. We, the West, set the tone for the world; not the other way around.

Then there is the cool-rad-pope hinting at the salvation of atheists saying how we (Christians):

 "were a little intolerant” and continued: "Father, the atheists?' Even the atheists. Everyone!" We must meet one another doing good. 'But I don't believe, Father, I am an atheist!' But do good: we will meet one another there."

Maybe things get lost in translation but an atheist or a “believer” doing good deeds won't get you “there”. I'm obviously 100% for atheists doing good. I'm not a professional theist and it's not my place to judge anyone but this message is a muddled one. It's ambiguous at best and at worst it's akin to a used car salesman on December 31st.

How about the pope’s distaste for the very fuel that built the world's first middle class and continues to drive Western Culture… capitalism.

I saved the best for last. Only a week after our Emperor was anointed by God himself with the help of Pepe memes and logical Americans, the pope put Brexit, Trump and the MAGA movement on blast:

"how quickly those among us with the status of a stranger, an immigrant or a refugee become a threat, take on the status of an enemy... an enemy because they come from a distant country or have different customs. An enemy because of the color of their skin, their language or their social class. An enemy because they think differently or even have a different faith, how many wounds grow deeper due to this epidemic of animosity and violence, which leaves its mark on the flesh of many of the defenseless, because their voice is weak and silenced by this pathology of indifference...”

You see, it's not the messages from the pope soaked in ambiguity that bothers me. Nor is it the head scratching interpretation of the holy books. I wouldn't even say it's the cover-ups and payoffs in all the debauchery associated with the Church and all the mass and expansive kid fucking/raping; although that is certainly right up there. It's not even about his projecting onto others what he does not suffer from. Like telling us to give just a liiiiiiiiittle bit more (while he sits in a city built out of gold… literally). It is the agenda. Or as Joe Biden eloquently called it in his last trip to Davos:

“It will occur again, I promise you, and again the purpose is clear: to collapse the liberal international order.”

Excuse me… the ‘order’. This pope is on record opposed to nationalism and to the self-determination it espouses and with that, the subsequent protection of his own subjects in various countries from raiding - warped - inbred - idealogs hell bent on their destruction. So much so he lets an Imam reading from the very playbook of that destruction read in THE(?) holy grounds. It's this cucked indifference that opens pandoras box for everything I have listed. This liberal order of the new hip-cool-LIBERAL pope and his church that makes this possible.

Now let me read something to you. Allow me to dovetail this to Biden in his speech from Davos just a few months ago but this time from Steve Bannon addressing.... The Vatican in 2014

The central thing that binds that all together is a center-right populist movement of really the middle class, the working men and women in the world who are just tired of being dictated to by what we call the party of Davos.

I don't know much latin but I do know this: "alea iacta est"—the die is cast.

We fucking won. The man from Davos is dead. Your move globalists. MAGA and Proud Of Your Boy

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What we dont know keeps the contracts alive and movin'

We have been here before. Uncovering or peeling back slightly some of this Military Industrial Complex stuff. But here were are again in 2017 and we are increasing the DOD budget yet we outspend everyone else by leaps and bounds. House a nuclear cache that would make Truman wake up with wet/sticky draws. With economic ties to the world's largest country (China) and optimistic plans to mend fences with our only would be military rival: Russia. The same Russia led by the establishment and its grazing sheep's arch nemesis Putin who said in December ‘16:

“I was a bit surprised by the statements from some representatives of the current US administration who for some reason started to prove that the US military was the most powerful in the world,” said Putin. “Nobody is arguing with that.”
Whatever. I've always said even the most hardened and loyal Trump supporters aren't going to agree or like everything he wants to do. This is one for me. Remember Ron Paul? I would assume reallocate and streamline the DOD to fight the modern enemy. Not increasing WW2 esque models that are out of whack with the world over. But if that wasn't enough here comes the bumbling John McCain. Being old and senile is one thing. Still a prick? Check. But when you add total and utter stupidity/arrogance you have this trainwreck that has become the public life of John McCain: He said this week in regards to Trumps plan to raise military spending:

“With a world on fire, America cannot secure peace through strength with just 3 percent more than President Obama’s budget”
This is almost as insane as it is asinine. The would be like a convicted and freed serial arsonist bitching we don't have enough matches, lighters, flamethrowers and firetrucks. Then going on to say if we don't have more fire hydrants and water we will be consumed by said fire. And this guy chairs the Senate Armed Services committee. You're the fire chief dude. If you retire, like I've asked, the world would immediately become covered in coals. 

Not to be outdone, McCain has some cohorts along for the guise. What up Cass;)

Just a quick look at Rep. Mac Thornberry’s financing tell you everything you need to know about why he might be so eager to expand defense spending and turn his nose up at a 50+ billion dollar increase with his buddy Johnny Mac. Let us take a look at Thornberrys top donators, see if we can get a clearer picture:

Top 5 Contributors, 2015 - 2016, Campaign Cmte and Leadership PAC

Northrop Grumman
Boeing Co
Leidos Inc
Huntington Ingalls Industries
Lockheed Martin (

As you can see, Thorberry’s top contributors is a ‘who's who’ in military contractors . If you dig deeper into his donors it paints a stark picture into what amounts to be a man bought and placed into power by the Military Industrial Complex. Thornberry is not just some random congressman either. Some rando, some 1 of 500+ elected officials who have the most crucial task in controlling the nation's purse. No, Thornberry is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Let that sink in. Here is a congressman who gets only 2% of his contributions from small donors, almost completely funded by the defense industry sitting as the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee on record saying a 50+ billion dollar increase from LAST YEAR is not enough.

With that in your mind, pause it and now enter in the fact that he is in legion with John McCain. John McCain at first glance when it comes to finance is clean in terms of his support by the armaments industry. But his ties are much more concealed or you could say, explicitly sinister. 

This is the sitting senator who was rumored (by his own dumb ass twitter photos) to have met with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria across the Turkish border in 2013. Yes, that al-Baghdadi, the ISIS caliphate leader. Then POTUS Obama was said to be “eagerly awaiting word” of McCain's meetings. I bet. 

Why would McCain be in in Syria LAST WEEK just days before the Syrian peace talks begin in Geneva? The same Syria where McCain not only supported the arming and funding of but met with anti-Syrian “rebels” or “moderates” or as I, like many people like to call them… “fucking terrorists”. 

Its probably the same reason why McCain worked with Hillary Clinton and Obama to support regime change both with military might and “rebel” funding in both Libya and Syria. It's also the same reason why he never wanted to leave Iraq and favors putting boots on the ground still to this day. But dont take my words for it, leave it to fellow Senator Rand Paul (I stand with Rand in 2024 for full disclosure) to lambaste McCain in one of the most epic smackdowns I have ever seen and notice the media talking head try and catch Paul in anti-Trump talk after he crushes McShame:

I think Senator McCain's perspective is colored by his disagreements with President Trump on foreign policy. If I were to look at foreign policy, I would say John McCain has been wrong on just about everything over the last four decades. He advocated for the Iraq War, which I think destabilized the Middle East. If you look at the map, there's probably at least six different countries where John McCain has advocated for having U.S. boots on the ground. John McCain's complaint is we're either not at war somewhere, or if we're at war, we leave too soon. So we're not there soon enough, and he wants us to stay forever wherever we send troops.Everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he has got running with President Trump. And it should be taken with a grain of salt because John McCain is the guy that has advocated for war everywhere. He would bankrupt the nation.
Now you have to ask yourself what would the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee have in play? Why all this perpetual war? Unlike his counterpart and fellow Trump citric in the house, McCain doesn't appear to have the same owners as Thornberry. Not that a cumulative $1.2 million in defense industry donations to McCain is nothing to sneeze at. And we won't take into consideration McCains and forever boy toy and pal Lindsey Graham's infamous anti-sequestration tour that was partially funded via defense contractor PAC loot. He's a bit more cagey than Thornberry (must be 30+ years in office?) who is unabashed in his servitude to the MIC, that much is obvious. But McCain?

His overlords wear funny hats and no I'm not talking about Catholic priests. They also happen to sponsor the most destructive forces in global terror the world has ever seen. The same country that spawned the 9-11 hijackers. It is also the same country who houses the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) or better known as the opposition in the Syrian Peace talks in Geneva. The same country who holds more oil reserves than anyone else. The same country who executes gays and treats women like a piece of pottery; shiny and bright when new and disposable when chipped or showing any signs of wear. That could be only one place… The Kingdom. 

John McCains allegiance is to American imperialism financed and carried out by neoconservative principles with his biggest supporter on the other side of the globe. The Saudi’s extreme aggression in the form of Sunni Wahhabism sits well with McCain. And McCain has at least 1 million dollar check from his overlords to prove it. 

Interestingly Bloomberg covered Mc’shady’s shady foundation (he says he has nothing to do with) last year a few times. Doubly interestingly they named Chevron and the like but forgot to include ‘Bloomberg Philanthropies’ in its reports. They donated 100+k to the pay for play foundation as well. And here we thought “Fake News” started after the DNC wikileaks expose.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The purge that will be televised: the Regressive Lefts in home drive by

What we are witnessing is something out of those radical 60's. It was that “new” Left that caught the establishments eye and took notice before Nixon was elected and before Woodstock was even an idea. It was that threat to the establishment that propelled those in power to take measures to curb their growing influence. Color, creed, veterans were no longer a divide. It was based on their unification of ideas. Ideas transcend all divisions. It shows up in the voter's booth. Hence now, the unification to Make America Great Again is a tent so unique and diverse it presents a similar threat to the establishment.

Blacks are starting to vote less Democratic.
Hispanics doubled their vote for a Republican President than they did in 2012.
Evangelicals and Christians strongly supported the MAGA movement
As did Independents
As did Libertarians
Even prominent gays are coming to the fold.

This coalition isn't the 40% you hear about on ‘the News’. It's everywhere in between coast to coast. When you present people with the issues it's not identity politics people identify with it's their country, their jobs, their security. This new loose collection of voters comprises the “new” Right. They don't show up in your polls and you cannot pigeonhole them anymore with usual terminology that divides and conquers. The game is changed. Ideas are starting to win again. And because of this its this “new” Right that is public enemy no. 1. We have seen many declassified operations over the years come to light, Operation Mockingbird comes to mind. But none were as frank and direct as the secret and now declassified FBI operation: COINTELPRO.

COINTELPRO was the catalyst to destroy the “new” Left. Without getting into the histrionics of its entirety, I will just cut right to the chase. This was from an FBI memo from 1968:

“Through counter-intelligence it should be possible to pinpoint potential trouble-makers and neutralize them…”

You can find those words show up here in the Rage Against The Machine song “Wake up” from their 1992 debut or maybe you remember it from the end of the first Matrix movie.

In 1976 the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities of the United States Senate findings:

“Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that ... the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association”

Any and all obstructions of the 1st Amendment are these most serious threats to our Republic. But curiously it's happening at an alarming rate to “new” Right voices. You don't need isolated examples as the examples are pretty direct and in your face. Look at your cell phones news content. Listen to educators who teach your children and their union overlords. Flip on your television. Go to Burger King and watch CNN. You're being inundated with propaganda 24/7 if you don't know any better.  Now about targeting specific voices...

We have seen Milo being banned from Twitter for calling a Black lady “an ape”. Yes, that Milo, a gay-Jew who happens to be a Conservative. Mind you any child with a Twitter can view hardcore porn. Even known pedophiles aren't barred from Twitter. Weird huh? We have seen the riots take place banning him from speaking (mind you as an invited guest) at a very liberal college campus.

Speaking of a child, a few weeks ago we saw him lose his book deal because he talked about men being attracted to 13-year-old boys. Not him but men. Was he advocating it? I did not think so, neither am I. Was it out of line or not tasteful, yes no question. However, there is a push by some in the MSM over the last few years publicizing an advocacy for pedophilia while simultaneously and curiously aren't reporting on all these sex trafficking busts under Trump.

As far as that ape goes… Leslie Jones had a few things to say at her recent stand-up act…

"If I see another 45-year-old white woman from Williamsburg saying ‘black lives matter,' I'm going to punch you in the mouth. Stop doing that."

Are whites support welcomed or not? Can't keep track anymore. Depends on the day and the person I guess.

"I want to be in love. I want to do that, but it's 2017, and we got a pig in office. The world is about to end."

So, it's OK for her to call a White POTUS a “Pig” and her not be called an “Ape”. If we are getting into race territory a Black Ape is equal to a White Pig. Imagine if someone said the reverse while BO was in office? We would have riots in the streets.

Last year we had Gizmodo’s Michael Nunez break Facebook's not only bias but it’s outright thought control via its trending news team a team described as “a small group of young journalists, primarily educated at Ivy League or private East Coast universities, who curate the “trending” module on the upper-right-hand corner of the site”. And what about Google?

This isn't just here in the states either, recently Piers Morgan, an outspoken and unlikely supporter of Donald Trump was forced to step down as host of the Royal Television Society Awards, because of a campaign against him and his support for MAGA.

Gavin McInnes? Another “new” Right Conservative/Libertarian who supports Trump. He was assaulted and pepper sprayed for accepting an invitation to speak at NYU just a few weeks ago.

Now we have Tommy Sotomayor. He too, a “new” Right Conservative. A Black man who supports Trump and openly calls out Black hypocrisy. Now he might do it rather viciously but as Sotomayor says all the time “you play stupid games you win stupid prizes”. He was banned from Twitter last week.

This is a problem. This is targeted. That fact that we have this happening at the same time as seemingly uninformed “news” pieces coming from the establishment/legacy/authoritative/MSM media outlets is concerning. Whom seem to be in legion with one another. An entire media outlet, now the most influential medium now that Newspapers are dead is network news, Yet, a completely barren bench of Conservative voices or 90% of it anyway (hat tip to Bill O'Reilly).

This isn't hyperbole: free speech is dying. It is slipping away. It's been happening for a while but only the last few years has it become this obvious. Then we elected Trump and the media and the left are at DEFCON 5. Liberals are the PC champions; this erosion of the 1st is at their feet. Its their media, the traditional established/authoritarian/MSM media who is agenda/ratings driven is putting a megaphone to this nonsense.

All the while the Liberals are in self-destruct mode and embarrassingly racing one another to the furthest left trash heap fueled by identity politics and fringe social issues. It's the blind leading the blind and THEY’RE THOSE ONES DICTATING AND CONTROLLING OUR SOCIETY? Or maybe there is a bigger agenda here. Maybe the media and the liberals are pawns in a much bigger game? But that's another conversation for another day.

Unless you're advocating illegal violence, “hate” speech is still free speech. Regardless if you like it or not. Despite your sensibilities and fuck your feelings. Like the song says…WAKE UP!