Friday, April 7, 2017

We are living in the 4th dimension and Trump is the architect

Possible explanation for the Syrian airstrike: 4-d Chess Move

-Trump takes pride in his campaign promises...
Meeting those goals are more important to him than any President we have ever known; his Ego and machismo is what got him elected. Invading other countries is against his narrative; hence why it pissed so many of his supporters off.

-I’ll argue, no talking point on his platform was bigger than defeating terrorism...
He called out ISIS. He Called them Radical Islamic Terrorists. He vowed to defeat them anywhere it took. Would he sacrifice a bishop (bad optics to his base of intervening) to set up his Queen (defeating ISIS)? You bet.

-The US was already in Iraq and Syria laying groundwork for…
We have never left Iraq. Syria we have entered onto the scene recently; backing Arab and Kurdish forces in Northern Syria as the coalition pushes into Raqqa city, the self-described capital of ISIS held since 2013. Russia remains in this region as well. With similar objectives. Assad was not receptive of the US deploying 500 or so boots in that region but that was the extent of it. What could he say?

-The battle for Raqqa has been coming but it's been slow moving...
Nobody wants to put serious numbers on the ground in fear of the optics. So Russia has been pushing and prodding a ragtag bunch of local fighters with the help of a depleted and weary Syrian Army.

-Now we have the air strike with gas a few days ago…
We started prepping for the strike 48 hours before it went down. Unlike say Iraq in 2003, the international community wanted this. Thus there was nothing to lose from that perspective. Syria would not be able to stop it. Russia doesn't have a strong navy presence there or much of one at home. Navy’s win wars. They notified Russia before the attack. Win-win.

-The meat of the move…
The US puts Russia and Syria on notice in front of the world. Basically cucking them as Russia sends a single destroyer to the Mediterranean in what really looks sad because if they meant business they would have sent a real presence but they don't really have a naval presence as said earlier so its the only card they have. Outside of Syria, Russia has no other presence in the ME nor does Iran. The US has a couple hundred base's throughout that region in various locations so there couldn't be any response if they wanted one. So, the real mission is exposed, as the US continues to push its way into northern-held Syria via special forces as the battle for Raqqa city will come and will be taken by a coalition of US LED forces. Russia ran 95% of the race but the US will take the baton in Syria and be the ones breaking the tape.

Iraq. Russia doesn't have any presence in Iraq. We do. The US after a glorious defeat of ISIS in Raqqa will force ISIS into their Alamo: Mosul, ISIS’ last stronghold in Iraq. After we put more boots on the ground there via special forces, Mosul, like Raqqa, will be taken by a coalition of US LED forces. not Russia. Not with the help of Russia as Putin floated out there previously. It would be a victory lap for MAGA. Trump will have defeated ISIS and also destroyed the notion he was handled by Russians; killing two birds with one stone. Another check for the list. Not to mention his biggest check of them all. That is the essence of a 4d chess move by MAGA.




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