Sunday, February 12, 2017

The New (punk) Right

Oi! Oi! Oi!

How's it feel to be a Punk? Never in a million years would I ever considered that question as an adult but here we are. Strange, strange days. I grew up listening to classic punk but more than that I was into Hardcore NY City “punk”. Bands like: Judge, Sick of it all, Reagan Youth, Youth of Today... these bands were very political and very much liberal.

I grew up and realized eh, some of the music I loved simply doesn't agree with my political persuasion (Rage Against the Machine fits this mold). Doesn't mean I don't like the music anymore. Doesn't mean I don't still listen to this music. It just means I’m a logical adult. I can respect different ideas and opinions without losing my mind, getting caught up in my feelings, unlike:


It was the Reagan Youth who made a living off trolling Ronald Reagan. He was the establishment then. He represented an archetype of stuffy/wealthy success and a generation out of touch with the young punk culture of the day. It made sense. It sold a lot of records too.  

Now we have seen the script flipped completely. My friends, we are no longer the party of stuffy/wealthy success. All those average white rural voters clinging to your guns and factories jobs and Bibles… that's us. Used to be Democrats. Used to be Union Democrats. Not no more.

All these white millennial males sick of being told to check their privilege. Tired of being told they were the beneficiaries and somehow responsible for someone else's struggle. Them too

Women not willing to ride that third wave of feminism as they know what we know & how that ride ends: face up washed up ragged and weathered on the shore, too old to bear children and too bitter to admit they were wrong. Women sick of being told their right to life isn't “woman” enough for them and their marches. That somehow they are lesser because they don't want to murder and self-mutilate themselves. They represent us as well.

Black women and men sick of being called derogatory names for refusing to live or support the Democratic welfare plantation. Being disrespected for thinking for themselves. People who want to work hard and raise their children without a preexisting excuse for failure. People who refuse to support a nefarious genocide that is Planned Parenthood. Or make excuses for the savagery that has become the inner city. Got 'eeem

Thirty years ago in the age of punk, It was the right that used to try and shut down concerts. It was the right that wanted the explicit warnings on records (with the lead assist from Tipper Gore of course). The right used to blow up abortion clinics. The right was who started the war on drugs. The right was the authoritarian shadow over culture; so rebelling was easy. But the Right took a Libertarian red-pill over the last few years... and now, that's all been erased & reversed. We are the new punk rock

"A minority dictating what's good for the majority"

Now it's the left and their SJW’s and AntiFas who are not only protesting free speech but rioting when they don't get their way. It's the left forcing opposing views to be silenced. It's the left who wants to force you to use certain pronouns because they want you to accept their transgender movement for something other than what it is (mental illness). There is now legislation passed in Canada and NYC for offenders who do not properly address the victim's gender, heaven forbids we would be “misgendering” them.

This is the new-left. The Neoliberalists. The Nihilists. This is the face of fascism & this is what fascists do. I just wish they didn't hide under those masks so much.


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